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Query by Quality Rating (0-4)

This query allows users to select medical web sites based upon a Quality rating range.

A Quality Rating(0-4) has been assigned to each site, where 0 is the lowest possible rating and 4 is the highest possible rating. This rating is based upon the site's comprehensiveness, clarity, layout and visibility on the Web, as determined by the average rating given by two of our staff MD reviewers.


Enter minimal desirable rating:

Enter maximal desirable rating:

Optionally, type keywords.

How to query using Quality Ratings:
1) Enter the desired minimum and maximum ratings in the appropriate rating fields.
2) Enter any additional keywords that you would like included in the query in the optional keyword text-field.
3) Click on the 'Run Query" button.

For example:
If you would like to query for medical sites with ratings of 3 or 4 which contain information on the heart:
1) enter 3 in the "Enter minimal desirable rating" field
2) enter 4 in the "Enter maximal desirable rating" field
3) enter 'heart' in the "Optionally, type keywords" field
4) press the "Run Query" button

To query for web sites of a single rating, enter the same number in both rating fields.
For example, to query for web sites with a rating 4, enter the number 4 into both the "minimal desirable rating" and "maximal desirable rating" fields.

Keywords may be combined with the above query. To do so, enter the desired keyword/s in the keyword field prior to clicking on "Run Query". This will return all resources from the combined categories which mention the keywords. See below for more details on using keywords with your queries.

Using Keywords with your Queries
  • Multiple keywords may be combined using AND, OR and NOT. The default is AND.
  • Desired phrases must be put in "double-quotes".
  • All searches are case insensitive.

Entered Keyword Combination Results Returned
heart lung all sites which mention both heart and lung
heart AND lung all sites which mention both heart and lung
heart OR lung all sites which mention either heart or lung
heart AND lung AND NOT therapy all sites which mention both heart and lung but not therapy (i.e., any sites which mention therapy will be excluded)
heart AND "Back Issues" all sites which mention both heart and the phrase "Back Issues" (case insensitive)

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